Ain’t No Party Like A Club Soda Party
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Ain’t No Party Like A Club Soda Party

We’ve been knocking round with our mates at Club Soda for a while now. We like what they do, they like what we do, we’ve both got the word “soda” in our names, it’s like we were destined to be BFFs.

Sometimes friends go out on the town together, strut around in crew formation, having a sup and a right old laugh, and that’s what came of the recent Club Soda Mindful Pub Crawl. What is Mindful Pub Crawl, we hear you ask? Allow Club Soda to explain:

A Mindful Pub Crawl is a pub crawl with a difference. Instead of the usual crawl-form of necking pints and downing shots, you’ll be sampling drinks a little less ordinary that are low or no alcohol.“. So far, so civilised, and pretty intriguing stuff for the uninitiated.

Club Soda primed a neat route of three pubs which are hitting the mark on the booze alternatives front, namely Draft House Tower Bridge, All Bar One and Draft House Seething Lane. We pitched in at the beginning with a special tasting session involving our lush seasonal sodas, plus sippers of our Non Alcoholic Gin & Tonic, made in collaboration with Draft House, and stocked in all DH branches. Mindful Drinkers tested and approved it as “The most convincing G&T substitute I’ve ever tried” (shucks!) – isn’t it just gorgeous?

We held a stimulating citrus scratch and sniff session, where Ed showed off his vast, fascinating fruit knowledge, and discussed the finer points of the delicious Aronia Berry which we use in our Pear and Aronia Soda. As quality fresh fruit is in every drink we make, it’s a part of our every day soda life, and we’re proud to share our enthusiasm for the fantastic produce which brings powerful natural flavour to what we do.

It was a great fun night, we met a some like-minded new friends, and opened our eyes wider to the possibilities of Mindful Drinking, Dry January, and sober life in general. Delicious and enjoyable alcohol free options are getting better and more numerous all the time, and if you don’t believe us, just try them for yourself, even in the comfort of your home if you prefer, from here and here and here and here and… well, you get the picture!

Club Soda are doing solid work, day in, day out, to support anyone making a choice towards mindfulness with alcohol, with great info, daily motivation, and more fun party times. Check them out at joinclubsoda.co.uk

We are similarly committed to our cause, making the best of fresh fruit, in season, to bring you top quality, unadulterated flavour in a juicy soda bottle. We are also committed to making and bottling our drinks ourselves, growing our small East London business, locally, and in a conscientious way. It’s the only way that makes sense to us.

So Let us know if you’re out there enjoying our stuff!



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