Lemon Cream Shandy Dream
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Lemon Cream Shandy Dream

Lemon Cream Shandy Dream

We’ve been at the Shandinatorâ„¢ again, folks, brace yourselves for brilliance. Using our latest beer collaboration with Chorlton Brewing Co, we’ve spun our trademark fizzy magic in the form of an incredible, non-alcoholic Lemon Cream Shandy.

This collaboration was inspired by the American notion of Lemon Cream Soda, a luscious blend of sweet, sharp lemon syrup, rich dairy cream and sparkling soda water. If that combo makes you feel the way Joey feels about trifle then we’re on the same greedy page. If not, then bear with us, we know what we’re doing here, promise!

This saucy number is particularly great if you’re cutting back on the booze after a thirsty World Cup season (nobody mention the F word). There’s no need to compromise when you can enjoy quality Craft Beer Shandy instead of your usual boozy brew.

All our drinks are vegan – that’s not just fashion, it’s best for the planet, we feel. So the creamy richness in this shandy comes not from any beast of the field, but from top quality Bourbon Vanilla, perfectly balancing the saucy, fresh, Sicilian Lemons we use, full of sunshine and sharp, southern Italian sass.

We’ve blended in Valencia Orange juice to pump up the volume on the Citrus vibes and sweet fragrance, resulting in a zesty, tingling 0.5% ABV shandy full of sweetie shop fruit flavour and fresh, sour beer tang. It’s absolutely delightful, completely unique, and don’t forget, you can buy it at our online store and we’ll deliver to your door. Just hurry because this is a special limited edition: There was only so much Lemon Cream Sour beer made, so there’s only so much lusho shandy!

We’re gearing up for a Saturday of fun and games at the Mindful Drinking Summer Festival. Pop by on Saturday 28th July, 11am-6pm in Spitalfields, London, for a cup of fizzy pop and a chat about all things non-alcoholic.

Aside from enjoying the Spitalfields-By-The-Sea vibes and great live music, over a sip and a chat we can help you up your booze-free game, to give you a proper glimpse of the Mindful Drinking life, full of all the good times and partying, and minus the hangovers and regret.

We always meet new people at every Mindful Drinking Festival who simply want a better choice of low alcohol and non-alcoholic drinks, and we’re very happy to help! Aside from our luscious sodas, we’ll be exclusively showcasing our Lemon Cream Shandy. So come on down for a cutting edge beverage, some clear-headed fun, and pick up some tasty bottles to buy and take home with you.

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