Pop Up – Up Top – Soda Shop
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Pop Up – Up Top – Soda Shop

Pop Up – Up Top – Soda Shop

It’s been 6 weeks since we got the keys to our new East London Soda Works and blimey – it’s been a hectic time. The floors went in, the mezzanine went up and walls underneath have been built, skimmed and plastered ready for the painters to start work today. We even managed to grab some time for a research trip across the pond to check out the Soda Scene stateside.

We’ve moved our warehouse out of the lovely spot in Homerton, where our sodas have until now resided with long term friend of the business and local Hackney deliveryman Ney. All our drinks will now hang out in their own spacious loft apartment on the mezzanine above the new bottling space, for the brief time before they’re sold and flying out of the door.

Our desks are inspired by plans by the Italian artist Enzo Mari (read up on more of his work here) which promotes a DIY attitude to furniture and design – exactly our jam! I built a generously sized table following Enzo’s design for our meeting room and then went a little off the deep end for our larger communal office table – it’s massive! The views out of the office are looking mighty fine these spring days and the dogs are loving their new vantage point over the marshes.

Paul & Marsha are busy working on the electrical installation to get our new Juicing Room ready, and then we have two weeks to get everything ship-shape before we shut down the archway Soda Works in Hackney and move all of the soda kit over. Assuming all goes to plan we should be popping here in Walthamstow early next month – see ya there!

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