Square Root x Orbit Beers: Revolutionary Shandy Fun
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Square Root x Orbit Beers: Revolutionary Shandy Fun

Square Root x Orbit Beers: Revolutionary Shandy Fun

It’s play time at the Soda Works once more, and we’ve invited our buddies round for a game of Shandy Shenanigans!

At Square Root we regularly collaborate with our favourite craft breweries who are making top-notch beer in-house, to make interesting, delicious boozy brews together. We then Square Root those beers into glorious non-alcoholic shandies for craft fans and sober friends to enjoy, and we’ve nailed it once again with our all-new, limited edition Earl Grey Pale Shandy.

Where do we get the ridiculous ideas from, we hear you cry?! Well, we got our heads together with our buddies at Orbit Beers and started chatting about fruit and flavour. We’ve been pals since they started brewing in 2014, so we know we’re kindred spirits when it comes to getting creative, making the most of our having own production spaces where we can experiment, and coming up with wildly weird, totally delicious flavours together.

First, we made a delicious beer; Earl Grey Pale will be brew number 26 in the Orbit Beers White Label Project, their own experimental brewing series. It’s a fresh, fruity citrus pale ale featuring Square Root Bergamots for Earl Grey realness, coriander seed, tangy Mandarina Bavaria hops and tropical Citra hops.

The delectable final beer is smooth drinking, easy going, zingy hop party of expert quality, showing off the delicious ingredients and our combined skills to the max. Square Root Brand Manager Chris earned his stripes on this project by being physically engulfed in a mountain of warm, spent Mandarina and Citra Hops which he was charged with clearing out of the mash tun on Orbit brew day. He’s not left us to start his own brewery yet but we think he still had fun!

We already had a winning beverage on our hands, but that’s only the first chapter, of course, as Shandification was yet to take place. As Orbit put it, they made “the hops sing like a citrus-songbird” with the beer, and it was time for Square Root to put this tune through our fruity flavour megaphone.

Back at Square Root HQ, we zested the heck out of another batch of fresh Italian Bergamots and Orbit’s Sarah and Toby joined us to get the syrup base poaching as we doubled down on the rich flavours of good old Rosie Lee. They also joined us for a classic Square Root daily team lunch, and got a great vegan feed for their trouble!

Thanks to all this shared hard work, Earl Grey Pale Shandy is a fresh, punchy collaboration shandy with an iced-tea style, tasting lightly beery, with fresh Italian bergamots, plus top-quality Darjeeling and Assam tea leaves courtesy of our buddies at Good & Proper Tea. That’s right, this collab is a three-way tea bae!

Getting thirsty? Good, because from Monday 11th March it’s time to hunt out your nearest spot for an exclusive preview sip of both Earl Grey Pale Ale and Shandy before the official launch on Monday 18th March. Get to the front of the queue and show what a total taste aficionado you are – join us for an exclusive bevvie and some casual yet organised fun at the Approach Tavern pub quiz on Tuesday 12th March, or find your nearest participating pub in the following list and map, and come get involved!


Can’t find a place near you but keen to try our shandy? If you’re on our mailing list then you’ll already have special access to buy this drink pre-release, so well done you for being so cool. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait patiently until general release on Monday 18th in order to buy some incredi-shandy from our online store to enjoy in the comfort of your own home. Patience is apparently a virtue but we’d rather be drinking shandy, thanks.?

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