The Glorious Cocktail Shandy
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The Glorious Cocktail Shandy

The Glorious Cocktail Shandy

It’s a cocktail, it’s a beer, it’s a non-alcoholic shandy! Sbagliato means “mistaken” in Italian, but rest assured this is no mistake, it’s a fantastic, fruity, cocktail-inspired beer shandy. The mistake is to not have another one.

Soda Boss Ed got together with his pal Andy, former brewing colleague from Redemption Brewery and now owner of the excellent Partizan Brewing to create a luscious fruity Sbagliato Saison beer made using tangy red wine grape must from Renegade Wines in Bethnal Green: A powerful, not-so-secret ingredient which normally goes to waste in the wine world. They aped Sbagliato cocktail flavour with an expertly blended combination of fresh ingredients including Lemongrass, Grapefruit and Cardamom, and a star (beer) was born.

Once the saison beer was perfected, we took a portion and shandied it right up with our zesty ways, splashing about and bringing the alcohol level all the way down to 0.5% ABV. That’s right, it’s officially non-alcoholic! The splendid label art features the work of awesome Alec Doherty the excellent Partizan Brewery artist in residence, and trust us when we say it tastes as good as it looks. Our Sbagliato Shandy has huge, complex flavour, featuring rich, fragrant spice, red berry and bright orange notes with just a touch of funky bitterness.

If you’re a smart cookie reading this news hot off the press, you get to join in on this shandy goodness early, as you can find it, alongside the fantastic Sbagliato Saison Beer, exclusively, pre-release, at eleven venues across London this weekend.

Swing on over to these VIP spots this weekend for your VIP sip of Sbagliato Shandy, so you can ‘gram it up and show everyone how cool you are!:


So come and enjoy our groundbreaking cocktail-beer-shandy, and it’s beery big brother Sbagliato Saison, at the cutting edge of beverage enjoyment from Wednesday 28th November! Join the party, and if you love it – and we really think you will – then you can snap up some shandies for home delivery at our online store.  Of course if you aren’t near London, or you can’t make it to any pre-release venues, then just slide straight over to the shop right now to grab a few bottles to taste at home!

This rare and delicious limited edition Sbagliato Shandy will be on general release on December 3rd.

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